2021-2022 Down coats fashion trends in autumn and winter


   2021-2022 Down coats fashion trends in autumn and winter-Fabric material

Compound bright shell fabric with a sense of future technology.The vinyl, metallic luster and technological light coating fabric presents a streamer visual effect which can easily create a fashion and lastest style, it is very attractive to the young people market

2021-2022 Down coats fashion trends in autumn and winter-Colors

Black and white are the pure and timeless fashion. We pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development and explore to create natural and original colors through environmentally friendly processes. This group of gentle and comfortable natural tones caters to people's longing for life, while expressing our love for originality and regeneration

The gentle color is still hot ,compared with spring and summer, the bright color has reduced purity on the original basis, and gray color has gradually spread to pink, blue, light green and other colors which bringing more subtle change to the elegant color.

2021-2022 Down coats fashion trends in autumn and winter-Details

The belt decoration of the coat is very attractive, and the drawstring is the perfect embodiment of practical details. It has personality and creativity and brings a fashionable element to the monotonous down jacket design.

Quilting is using long needles to sew the interwoven textile to fix the cotton batting inside, which is an important supply and demand in the production of down jackets. In recent years, designers have enriched the design techniques of quilting in clothing,having both decorative and practical functions which increases the texture effect of clothing.


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