The best inspiration for popular colors in summer 2020: purple


   This spring / summer will be a madness of soft tones, especially lilac (or lavender). Whether it is jackets, suits, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, tops, shirts, tops, swimwear or accessories will be dyed in sweet and feminine colors. If you are not satisfied with this childish color, but want to integrate into the trend, try to combine delicate fabric tops (such as organza) with leather pants or white jeans. If you find it difficult to see yourself in soft colors, mix lilacs with neutral tones (such as black) or "high-grade" fabrics (such as leather). Lilacs in clothes, shirts, tops, coats, skirts ... everything!

 "Ultra Violet" is a mysterious purple tone that evokes the inventive spirit and imagination that challenge the status quo. Pantone explained two years ago," Violet is a spiritual, nuance of the universe, it promotes Has inspired us to move forward and to the limit of the future. "

According to celebrities and fashion experts, the color that will be popular in 2020: lilac or lavender. Pantone decides what color it will be in 2020, but in the fashion world, fashion shows and style designers give another color on the stage. Please pay attention to this soft pastel shade, and point out the key from now to next summer

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