01  High Quality Products

Our always adheres to create high-quality products,it takes the “precious materials+Pan-European and American multi-arts” as the core, offer a desirable luxury experience for the urban fashionable group with a good taste, its cost-effective products.

   02  Light Fashion

 The starting point of brand design is to break the bondage of traditional down-filled coat style and introduce a design concept of "light fashion". Neither have the word redundancy of down jacket , but also get rid of the heavy sense of traditional woolen coat, thus achieving the win-win purpose of light and warmth keeping.

   03   Exclusive Customized

Our brand successfully integrates Eastern and Western cultures into product development, and design styles are varying constantly. It relies on 18 years’ experience in European export design, thus having both warm and romantic also fashion and elegant features. On this basis, a number of series of products are introduced to meet different consumer’s needs.




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