Masks can also be very fashionable



The new coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has caused panic around the world. The epidemic broke out during the four major fashion weeks, which not only affected the big show arrangements of some brands, but also prevented many people in the fashion industry from attending. Despite this, the virus did not dampen the interest of fashionable people, and guests with high awareness of epidemic prevention put on masks and continued to show their outfits in front of the camera. Facts have proved that although the mask covers the face, it is quite a new fashion item!

For example, the Japanese model Akimoto appeared in the Marine + Serre fashion show. The red dress and the mask are very compatible. It can be said to be one of the most impressive street shots this season. In addition to her, there are also many girls who choose red items, even if the mask covers the face, the bright colors of the clothes are still eye-catching. Fashionistas outside the Chanel show are also doing everything they can, such as using classic black and white color , and even masks decorated with camellia to ensure that the epidemic prevention dress is also elegant and fashionable. If it's cool, you can also use a black mask to match the all-black suit shape, but the accessories must be bolder so that they will not be drowned in the crowd. I don’t know when the days of wearing masks will end, but it ’s not so hard to dress up carefully.



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