The place where our order fair is held is in the Foreign Trade Sales Department of Beijing. Most of the attendees are customers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. There are also customers from Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. You can imagine popularity of the product when ordering.we carefully introduce each original work from the designer, explain the characteristics of the product, display the advantages of the brand, and gain the praise and recognition of customers! The company's products are liked by customers.  

  It is probably the happiest thing for us to sign the order .The exhibition lasts 3 days and we have gained a lot .The order meeting is not only a brand promotion, product display, but also an in-depth communication with customers! Each order meeting is like a large gathering with customers.  

   During the exhibition, we seriously answer every question and serve every customer! In order to give back to our customers for their continuous support, we have prepared exquisite gifts and delicious dishes. After the exhibition, we also prepared a wonderful thank-you dinner for customers. Foreign customers have an infectious attitude and are very serious at work, but they also enjoy the ease and pleasure of leisure after work!  

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