Charitable Activities


  Since establishment, Beijing Guangyi Kaiyuan Cultural Technology Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the tenet of "Inheriting Civilization, Dedication of Love, and Repaying the Society", dedicating our heart to the society and others. The word love is very abstract. We don't know what we can do for a while, just a smile, a help, a care. A person's life is not smooth, and there will be difficulties and frustrations. At this time, we will use our love to help them and dedicate our love to them.  

   Our company visited many ordinary public primary schools in the central region provinces. I learned that there are such a group of children, some parents die, some parents are severely disabled, and some family members are ill. Although they have a difficult life, they have perseverance, and their family is poor, but they are talented; they are in adversity, but they are diligent and tough, and they study hard, becoming a veritable "top student". In order to help the students, our company donated winter cotton clothing for poor students to subsidize these good students who are still in poverty, to bear the cost of their studies, and help them complete their studies and realize their dreams in life. At the same time, through the cultivation of top-notch students, we will continue to deliver talents for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


It is our responsibility and obligation to promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and enhance people's sense of social responsibility, service, and dedication. The company hopes that we can do our best to let them have confidence and courage in life so that they can enjoy A normal and colorful world, feeling our love, to promote the health of the people to carry out public welfare practice activities, with the purpose of promoting the spirit of public welfare, publicizing social ethics, advocating public welfare culture, carrying out public welfare practice, and shaping public welfare image. 


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