The best quality wool coats


The best quality wool coats

Double breasted wool coats are Classic, timeless and a winter staple, it  can not only keep warm, but also very luxurious and fashionable in the winter.Cashmere/wool textiles are important raw materials for the textile industry. It has the advantages of good elasticity, strong moisture absorption, and good warmth retention. In particular, cashmere, known as "soft gold", is a rare special animal fiber, and is considered a "fiber gem" and "fiber queen", and is a precious textile material.


The most popular one this winter is the double-faced wool and cashmere coat. The double-faced fabric is made of yarns and is not glued, so it is lighter, making it easier for you to move in winter.People are more elegant when you wear the wool coats, the double-sided woolen cashmere coat has no inner lining, is more structured, flat and not easy to wrinkle, and is more convenient to take care of; compared to the single-layer coat, the double-sided woolen coat is also lined with wool and cashmere, although it is light, But enough to withstand the cold winter.


Since it cannot be compounded by machine, it can only be sewn by hand one stitch and one thread. This determines that each double-sided cashmere coat is unique. The top double-sided cashmere fabrics mostly use natural cashmere such as cashmere and wool. Because the output of cashmere is very small, such coats are very rare. High-end double-sided cashmere is made of pure wool and hand-stitched


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